About us, Our Philosophy

Since its foundation (2009), Symbion has been providing comprehensive solutions for efficient IT (ICT) for its both private and public sector customers.

The company focuses primarily on network infrastructure and software application development, including the provision of related services. Managed projects are the cornerstones of our software development and high value added applications are its results.

Symbion offers its extensive experience in the planning and management of large projects. We help to plan investments in information and communication technology, i.e. ICT infrastructure, IT, surveillance and monitoring systems. We offer complete outsourcing of the ICT infrastructure, and comprehensive IT management services, including monitoring and SLA-guaranteed services.

Business Information Technology does not fulfill the long-term support functions necessary to ensure the functionality of the operating companies and organizations. Information technology is, by today’s standards, expected to provide permanent access to, and sharing of, information. ICT is responsible for quick and easy availability of data, without which companies cannot operate nor exist today. Information technology must not only guarantee fast communication, but also the proper security and data protection, such as the efficient and correct use of information resources.

Only then will your ITC achieve a competitive advantage, with higher labor productivity and other efficiencies.

Our goal is to address data technology requirements, we provide services focusing on the real audited needs of our customers, for more see references.

Since 2015, we have not formally renewed ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-01. However, if these certifications are critical to your business, we can consider their renewal.