Services, Availability of IT services (AIS)

Quality of service is the means to our success. Skilled professionals help clients realize their goal - to increase efficiency and minimize the financial resources associated with the implementation of ICT solutions.

We provide consulting services, design and the supply of custom software applications for trade, services, manufacturing and finance. We put great emphasis on the analytical phase of the client's process. Without ensuring all phases of software development, the expected results cannot be achieved.

Not being associated with internal working relationships (which can act against the interests of the client) allows us to responsibly and objectively assess the current state of the ICT infrastructure, the use of information tools, and their effectiveness.

In addition, we offer our clients services to help them identify and prevent abuses of information technology, so as to find the company's reserves. The finale is room to expand their own business / client activity, increase productivity and ultimately streamline the use of financial resources.

We also protect statutory authorities against criminal sanctions for violations of copyright law and other regulations.