IT Project management

Preparation, budget and project processing

We provide assistance in selecting the project management methodology, respective to it’s adjustment, the determination of sub-project management roles and their distribution to the appropriate client personnel, and/or creation of implementation teams. In the preparatory phase we also make the preparation of entire ICT solution contracts with other sub-contractors available to the client; i.e. entire ICT contracts with other subcontractors are made available to our clients during the preparatory phase. The complexity of the project can vary greatly according to its type and size, or the selected grant program and its requirements. Based on our experience, and the information provided by the client, we are able to create a balanced and well-designed project budget that is accessible and attractive to the assessors.

Project Management

In representing the interests of the customer, we favor to supervise the process to meet the challenges defined by the teams during its implementation, and to coordinate joint meetings of individual groups in converging areas. We strive to solve problematic situations and disputes with a qualified line of reasoning in the field.