IT Implementation


We provide management consultation for the evaluation and selection of proposals submitted by subordinate services. We also help in the creation of an IT department, which can bring result in the development of ICT strategies, based on the assessment of the network, servers, or VoIP deployment across an existing infrastructure, including data storage, networking, security, or a complete data center.

Analysis and audit of ICT

We evaluate the status, weaknesses, specific risks and threats in terms of ICT operation. We perform penetration testing, and identify any use of illegal software. Based on these activities, our knowledge, and our experience, we can then suggest suitable measures to be taken. In addition, we prepare internal guidelines to address the safety risk to the organization in relation to ICT infrastructure, and implement a security assessment. We also propose measures to monitor or restrict the availability of selected applications such as Facebook, Skype, and other client-specified content.

Supply and maintenance of databases

As part of our standard services, i.e. database administration (Oracle, SQL), software (Microsoft, Linux, VMware) and hardware, we also provide professional installation and configuration of network infrastructure (AudioCodes, Cisco, Cyberoam, Fortinet, HP, Tipping Point), servers, workstations and peripherals (Dell, HP, IBM). Our business is to take care of any subsequent maintenance, and we offer periodic backup, device prevention, data security, quality antivirus / anti-spam protection, including updates.

Connectivity to the Internet

Customers may choose a secure Internet connection based on their needs. We then design and provide VPN and VPN clients accordingly, dealing with the management of web and application servers.


We provide custom processing and documentation of the ICT project plan. The scope offered by our project documentation may include: records of the project budget, project risk assessment, data processing for decision making, minutes of project management, and recommendations for the project management committee according to client needs.


We offer continuous support by phone and online portal, as well as many other forms of assistance in the field of information technology.

Supervision of ICT SLA - service contracts

In the final phase of every project we provide expert assistance in securing service contracts, for either single products or the entire solution. This includes provisions for building on existing service related systems. Safeguarding larger corporate infrastructures is not possible by using standard means. A quality monitoring system monitors the important parameters of the technical infrastructure and the functionality of individual components, and does not need to rely solely on information from IT staff or user complaints. With helpful supervision you will have the information necessary to manage your ICT in advance.