Software Development

We transform ideas and expectations to your application, while we develop software that brings you the desired results and satisfaction. We develop fast and reliable applications for administration, trade and manufacturing that make your work easier.

We put great emphasis on the analytical phase of the process. Because without considering all phases, the desired results cannot be achieved. This why we think about you as a member of our Project Team. These are the cornerstones of our work that prevent wasting time during the implementation phase, disagreements and subsequent do-overs that allow us to meet deadlines.

We will actively work with you to integrate new applications into your existing systems. Since we are aware of the fact that there is no such thing as “universal technology”, we select a specific technical solution for each project. We have a team of professionals specialised in C #, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Microsoft Access and Outlook plugin / Microsoft.NET.

We believe that your business might be generating a lot of data, that often comes from different processes and systems. If you feel that you do not utilise your data effectively, we will ensure that important data is where you want it to be - in a straightforward, transparent and timely manner. We have worked with Reporting Services / SQL Server Integration Services / Crystal Reports / mySQL / LMDB / Microsoft SQL Server / Microsoft Access.

Software development includes the following phases and services:

Consultations & Analysis
Definition of the customer and user requirements, the subsequent initial analysis represents the basis for system analysis of the given application.

Application development
Design of architecture, data model, subclass modules and components. For sophisticated applications, the process also includes design a system platform. Programming the application in the chosen environment or prototyping.

Testing & Implementation
Checking whether the application meets your expectations and targets.

Integration, Training and Documentation
Connection to other user's systems, training of staff to ensure successful commissioning.

SLA Support, Supervision - service contracts
Providing immediate help and further development of the application.